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Astana Premier Tech

Astana – Premier Tech presents new design for 2021

The Kazakh-Canadian team revealed their new look for the upcoming season last Monday.

In its 16th season, the Kazakh-Canadian team changed its design into a dark blue bottom running into the well-known turquoise rounded out with diamonds in the center, seen on the new jersey made by Giordana.

The design combines both stakeholders, Kazakhstan and Premier Tech with its turquoise and dark blue colors. With the start of a new era, the team will underline the strength of these two partners with a new slogan, United We Race.

As Riders, Mechanics, Soigneurs, Sports Directors and the whole staff.
We all have something in common.
We all have a passion for the most beautiful sport in the world.
We are proud of the rich history of our team,
We are united by our colors
and most of all by the way we ride our bikes.
We don’t just ride, we race together.
United. We are
Astana – Premier Tech.
United We Race.