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Astana Qazaqstan Team: The new design of the jersey for the Tour de France

Astana Qazaqstan Team presents the new design of its Giordana jersey which will be wearing by the riders at the 2023 Tour de France, which starts in Bilbao on 1st July.

The graphics used in the unique design combine the power of minerals and precious stones that the land of Kazakhstan is rich in.

The unique charm of the pattern, similar to the veins of mineral stones, comes from the color affinity with the blue of the sky and the gold of the sun, as well as with elements of the flag of Kazakhstan.

The jersey which the Astana Qazaqstan Team riders will wear at the Tour de France, on the one hand, allows to emphasize the natural resources that Kazakhstan is famous for, and on the other, to celebrate the conclusion of a new partnership with KAZ Minerals and Freedom Broker, two leaders of the Kazakh economy in their fields.

The design of the jersey has been developed together with Albertdesign.