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Vittoria with Astana – Premier Tech until 2022

We are pleased to announce that we will ride on Vittoria tires for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Astana – Premier Tech riders will rely on the best graphene-enhanced road tyres from Vittoria. Corsa will be their choice for most of the races, dependable and fast in any condition; Corsa Speed will be the go-to tire for time trials for its lightweight and suppleness, while Corsa Control will be the best option for pave and cobble stones thanks to its increased puncture resistance.


“We’re very happy with the addition of Vittoria as a technical partner to our team. We know about the expertise and the successful history of Vittoria, resulting in the best tires for the riders of Astana – Premier Tech. Our riders already trained with Vittoria tires during the January training camp and the first reactions were all positive. We’re looking forward to achieving great results together with Vittoria.”

Yana Seel, Managing Director of Astana – Premier Tech


“We are proud to be the tyre choice of another great team in the peloton such as Astana – Premier Tech. Their trust in Vittoria further validates the reliability and high performances of our cotton tyres using graphene-enhanced compounds. The feedback of their riders will help us improving our exclusive technologies even more. We wish all Astana – Premier Tech riders a successful year on Vittoria tyres.”

Ernesto Garcia Domingo, Vittoria Chief Commercial Officer